A Temporary Shelter from the Bunny Apocalypse

So it has just dawned on my that something I wrote is about to be unleashed on the unsuspecting public. When Ksenia put together this flash fiction she asked for a link to our blogs and twitter accounts. I’ve had twitter for a while, mainly as a lurker and occasional smart asser(I prefer to save my smatest of assery for my facebook friends, since they would get my sense of humour better.) That’s all been slowly changing over the course of the last couple of weeks. I’ve been becoming more social media interactive than normal, which is really tough for me because I’m a hand talker, and you can see me gesturing the shit out of this sentence. So while initially I may seem distant, or calm, or reserved, it’s mainly due to me still warming up to everyone.

Change is good and this change is happening at a pace that I can deal with. I’m quite good a rolling with the punches, but tend to wait until the punches are thrown instead of anticipate them. Sure I get the odd glancing blow here and there, but taking a little hit of everything is far better for your foundation than standing your ground and getting pummeled into dust. Wow, this is not what I started this blog post for to begin with. Anyhow, enough with the dilly dallying. I just wanted to thank Ksenia for the opportunity. I’ve read a snippet of the book she’s working on and I’m already hooked. I can’t wait for he to finish up so I can check it out. I’ll probably even have to put my return trip to The Dark Tower on hold for that one even. You should check out her blog at http://www.kseniaanske.com/. She just tells it like it is, no bullshit, and that’s all anyone should strive to be!

Now with the formalities properly dispensed allow me to welcome you all to The Chronicles of Zwain. I fear I might be a little redundant here, but I figured I’d try and give you all the elevator pitch, while in a skyscraper, and the elevator is really old and slow. Zwain and I go way back. We’ve been on countless adventures. At some point I picked 4 of these adventures, and decided I wanted to do a trilogy of books. Book one is a buddy comedy about his first big rock concert, while also revealing to his band mates that he’s from a post apocalyptic future. Book two is a medieval fantasy where Zwain is a wandering minstrel and stumbles onto an adventure to save a land. And finally, book 3 flings Zwain far into the  future to deal with an imminent threat against the Earth. This threat will find itself linked back to Zwain’s origins. The more I’ve been thinking about it, the more it gets dumb in the best possible way. It’s totally turning into something I’d be entertained by, and I hope that you all stick around and are entertained by it as well.

The plan is to release a chapter a day. I haven’t started writing it yet, but it’s been simmering in my head for years and I’ve turned it up to boil in the last 2 weeks. I’m going to be writing 4 hours a day, regardless of how long a chapter is. The hope is that I build up a decent buffer. Then I can spend a little time, do a quick edit on the blog post and get it up in the afternoon. This is largely a first draft, so there is will be inconsistencies. I plan on tightening things up for an actual book release, but I figured that in the meantime you all can enjoy the raw power that is Zwain.

So I apologize for the brevity of the blog, it is quite young and I wanted to keep it as Zwain oriented as possible, but I did want to make a post to welcome and travelers who wished to venture here. The Chronicles of Zwain premieres April 1st, and that is no joke!

~Dustin McKenzie

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