The Origin of Zwain – Part 2 – Inspiration

Zwain_GuildWars1 Since I created this blog so much earlier than I intended, I was trying to think up blog posts to fatten things up. One good way was to explain the process of how he came to be. After I wrote part one of his origin, I realized that the way the story plays out is pretty much just that.

The juicy bits are how I could justify this single character going from a 70’s/80’s rock band front man, to the post apocalyptic future, to a medieval fantasy in the dark ages, and finally ending up cruising the galaxy in a sci-fi space epic. If I tell you these things here, then I’m ruining key plot beats that I’ll use to string the trilogy together. So I’ll leave part 1 as is, since that explains the thinking behind designing the character, and kind touch upon the various video games that I’ve made Zwain a character in.

Here are the main games that inspired Zwain’s story; Rock Band 2 and 3, Fallout 3, Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect Trilogy. Just because I’m pulling inspiration from these games, I am, by no means, planning on plagiarizing the works of the hardworking writers and creators of them. I was originally envisioning this as the ultimate fan fiction, but then a vast majority of people that might enjoy Zwain’s tale would have “been there, done that.” I want to see his story stretch its own legs and go on its own adventures. So I’m going to break down the exact intent of each inspiration I’m going to use from these games.

Rock Band 2 and 3 – He’s in a band. That’s about it, and any character descriptions will be based on how I made him with their character creator, but even then it’s just broad strokes of hair colour, amount of baldness, height and weight, and type of facial hair. I sort of modernized his look in Rock Band 3 to be a vest and jeans, and changed his shades, but I do intend to use the Rock Band 2 Zwain for a least a little bit.

Fallout 3 – This is Zwain’s chronological beginning. It’s a post apocalyptic future where a war completely desolated the landscape. What caused the war is entirely original and will service the main plot in future installments. He did grow up in a fallout shelter community, but it’s not a Vaultec vault, there’s no Overseer, none of the story points from Fallout 3 will be present. There will be a UFO type of space ship, but I don’t plan in it being a flying saucer. Also, the origins of these aliens is original.

Dragon Age: Origins – This is the middle chapter of Zwain’s story. He’s stuck in the medieval past. It’s a fantasy story with goblins and dragons. That’s the extent of its connection with Dragon Age. There is also a secondary connection with Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness in that how he ends up there is a magical portal. It doesn’t happen in the same way as the end of Evil Dead 2, but that was totally the inspiration for it. I have my own explanation for how this happens to be possible.

Mass Effect Trilogy – The final part of the Zwain trilogy. Zwain is whisked away to the future. In this future he fights to help save Earth from invaders. That’s pretty much it. He’s not fighting the Reapers, he’s not curing genophages or settling the score between organics and machines. There will be some planet hopping, and we’ll get to know more about the aliens out to take over Earth, but other than it being a generic sci-fi synopsis, there is no real connection to Mass Effect.

So, I’ve laid it all out there. I want to be as transparent about this as possible. If I find myself wandering too close to the fiction I’m inspired by, I’ll iron those scenes out on my second draft. There’s so much content to these games that I can’t even begin to catalog it all in my mind, so that’s a plus. I’ve planted the seeds, and soon we’ll get to see how things grow.

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