The Origin of Zwain – Part 1 – The Front Man


Zwain, the leader, the shepherd, the front man!

Since I’m not going to be tackling this story until end of the month, I’d figure I wouldn’t let this blog go dormant for that long. So I’m going to go over the general origin of Zwain and how he came to be, how I started to link him between videogames and how this idea of The Ultimate Fanfiction came to enter my mind!

Way back when, in the ancient times of 2008, I purchased a little known, musical instrument, videogame known as Rock Band 2. I had played the previous game. The game gave you these tools to let you create your own characters. This is nothing new to videogames, of course, but was something I never messed around with much, aside from trying to create shitty versions of myself. So the first Rock Band game rolled in, and I made myself, my roommate made himself, even my buddy Tyler made himself and we would rock out until the cows came home. The thing was, we were a 4 player band and only had 3 dudes to play it. So the singer was usually a random computer player that the game would give us. This all changed in Rack Band 2. That’s when create-a-characters changed for me forever. That’s when Zwain was born.

In Rock Band 2, you were allowed to create and assign created characters to empty slots. So to complete the full package of making my own band, I created a lead singer. A squat, balding man that was chock full enthusiasm and could get the crowd pumping like a geriatric Mick Jagger. So my mind filled with all the cheesy musical references I could remember. Most notably was Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I wanted a classic rock star, but from the future. The guys from the future had on some robes that looks ripped out of the 80s. That’s the future I wanted because, let’s face it, the 80s had the coolest looking future. So after I picked his hair and body type, I then went on to the clothes. I tried to emulate the robs that the “future dudes” had in Bill and Ted and the closest was this hair metal superhero looking top, with half a cape. It was perfect. The rest sort of fell into place after that. Usually leather, more likely to say pleather, and navy blue or black in colour. My future was cool. Then I stumbled on some visor shades and he was complete. Geordie La Forge rocked these in the 24th century on Star Trek The Next Generation, and nothing says 80s-future more profoundly than visor shades!

And that was it for a while.

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